Indonesian-born, Toronto-based producer, composer and instrumentalist Jeia (pronounced: JAY-uh) is a passionate force creating vast soundscapes across all genres and timelines.

Her production credit includes Curren$y, Beenie Man, MILCK and Madame Gandhi to name a few. Her music can be heard on Netflix, MTV, and many others to come.

Her raw creativity, DIY-approach to her artistry and technical aptitude earned her brand partnerships with Native Instruments, Roland, XLN Audio, Reverb and Sennheiser – creating engaging videos across social media, featuring her signature practical ways to utilize modern music tools and technology.

Whether it is through her production live streams on Twitch or short videos on Youtube and Instagram, Jeia’s openness about her process keeps on inspiring new generations of producers.

With her productions and work ethic being praised by top producers and songwriters in the business, she continues to make a name for herself as she maintains consistent quality work with artists and brands alike.